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My final Newgrounds decision

2012-04-28 00:37:20 by cjcool12345

I have made a decision, I will be leaving Newgrounds.
I have many reasons for this, but the biggest of all is the lack of maturity in the content of users.

I will come back every once in a while, but I will never say a thing (though I may give ratings).

On the day I bring back a piece of art (good, or not) of what was once saw in heaven by a dead man come alive will I show my self again.
Only in the good of someones heart will I say even one word before this time.


2012-04-22 00:00:36 by cjcool12345

Joy! Oh wonderful joy!

I am becoming more joyful on Newgrounds, I may even start working on some artwork or maybe some other things that are enjoyable

I would like to give a thanks too 'Fly With Me', a song by Wurfel-Waffles.
I am not sure how, but, it seems to be making me the happiest I have ever felt in a long time.

Back from Roblox

2011-03-29 21:47:12 by cjcool12345

Yo Newgrounds people! I'm new to Newgrounds so to all Newgrounds people I say "Hello World (Newgrounds)".

If anyone knows ware I should start on Newgrounds go ahead and tell me <: